Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 47 – Outsourcing Your Job to Your Computer

Cyberpunk Librarian is back!

Do you have to do repetitive tasks on your computer? Gotta do the same thing over and over again, week in and week out? Weren’t computers supposed to make this job easier? Join Dan as he dives into the problems he’s faced with repetitive jobs and how he automated his way out of them. Then, try it yourself! A couple hours of coding can save you days of work later on!


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  • MCLD SlideGen – Easily make web slides for Polaris PowerPAC.
  • PUMMEL 2.0 – Handles unclaimed holds fees and processing in Polaris ILS.
  • AutoHotkey – The duct tape programming language that just freakin’ works.
  • Visual Studio – It’s free now. You should try it.
  • ImageMagick – Arcane, strange, eldritch, but incredibly useful.
  • PHP – Because sometimes, ya gotta.

Slide Examples

A generic slide with generic fonts and colours. Fonts and colours can be changed to suit your designs and desires!

Generic slide

This is a slide as it actually appears on the library website! As you can see, it looks a bit better when you tweak it to your needs. See more.
Actual library slide


Sound Effects

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