New! Episode 13 of Cyberpunk Librarian!

This may be old news to some but it could very well be something new to others. I create and publish a podcast about the intersection between libraries and technology and about living the life of high tech and low budget. In a complete fit of non-creativity, I called it Cyberpunk Librarian. It lives on this website, but it’s on a separate page. If you’re down with radio shows directed to a niche audience, in this case technologically minded library folks, then this might be a podcast for you. If you’re not a librarian, and just into the world of open source and cross platform, you know, this might work for you too.

On this episode of Cyberpunk Librarian, I talk about the benefits and mental cleansing that comes from working outside of your environment, both technologically and physically! Sometimes, you just need to go outside.

Oh yes, and there is Angelique Pettyjohn. She’s not around for all the episodes, but she is around for this one.

So check out Cyberpunk Librarian — the podcast by a geeky librarian who’s making stuff for geeky librarians. (And regular geeks too!)

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