In one of my recent podcasts, Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 32, I talked about how much I love Pixabay for their awesome, public domain photos. I use them all the time for library work, blogging, and all kinds of things. In fact, the new Cyberpunk Librarian logo uses art and images from Pixabay. I figured, after using so many images, it was time to start giving back.

I’m not a professional photographer. Heck, I’m not much of an amateur photographer but if you put a camera in my hands I will figure out what to do with it and occasionally take a decent photo. I’ve started going through some of my archive so I can upload some photos and give something back to the community. After all, someone else might need a photo and maybe I can provide that for them.

Next thing on the list, uploading some of my music to Free Music Archive. That’s happening pretty soon too, so stay tuned!