An Areal View of NYPL’s Sorting Facility


Look, I may be a library web guy now, but for over a decade before that I was a library circ guy. One of the reasons I got on so well in circ is because it happens to be one of the most technologically advanced departments in the library. When I was the circ manager at a branch, I was in charge of self check-out machines using lasers and radio waves to scan books and then desensitize them with magnets. I also oversaw the operation and troubleshooting of an nine bin, dual feed self check-in machine connected to a nine bin sorting system.

It was freakin’ awesome, bucko.

But my nine bin sorter pales in comparison to this facility. If you remember a while back, Nate Bolt flew a drone through the New York Public Library and created something wonderful. It was a view of the library we simply don’t get very often.

He’s back, he’s done it again, and this time he flew his drone through the sorting facilities of the NYPL. This is the kind of thing that makes a circulation library geek weep with happiness! Check it out!

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