My name is Dan, and I live online.

No, seriously, I do. My job, my passions, my hobbies, and my creativity all revolve around the online world.

I’m a digital creative. I make podcasts, record music, and write online. I do this kind of thing in several places around the net because, after all, the net is vast.

Professionally, I’m a systems librarian. I’ve worked in libraries for over twenty years from public library circulation to information technology.

And I consider myself a cyberpunk – a student of high tech and low life. One of my specialties is making tech work, and work well, even when faced with a limited budget. (Or sometimes no budget at all.) I’m a technologist with a broad background in all the major desktop and mobile operating systems, open source and proprietary software, web design, content management systems, servers, and various kinds of creativity software.

At one point I went to college and graduated with a degree in history, specializing in the the history of Japanese popular culture. These days, however, I’m more focused on the history of science.

On some level I’m into reading (a lot), ambient and space music, video games, running, beer, and podcasts.